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Psychological Evaluations

What is a psychological evaluation?


A psychological evaluation is a process that integrates techniques to help understand someone's behavior, personality, and capabilities. Evaluations have components such as record review, interviews, behavioral observations, and formal testing. When appropriate, psychological evaluations incorporate measures of cognitive ability, memory, attention, executive functioning, etc. 

When should someone seek a psychological evaluation?


Signs that warrant a psychological evaluation include, but are not limited to:


  • Sudden or gradual changes in behavior that do not appear to have a cause or are a source of concern.

  • Lack of, or minimal improvement, despite mental health interventions.

  • Worry about misdiagnosis.

  • Social withdrawal, loss of motivation, inability to enjoy things, hopelessness.

  • Unexplained rapid or dramatic shifts in emotions

  • A history of frequent or severe interpersonal problems.

  • Acting in uncharacteristic ways or displaying peculiar behaviors.

  • Anxiety that interferes with daily life.

  • Concerns about early signs of disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

  • Anyone interested in learning more about themselves.

  • Individuals who have been asked to undergo personality testing, for example, complete an MMPI-2.


Why should I seek a psychological evaluation?


The underlying cause of a person's problems isn't always apparent. Diagnoses are heavily relied upon to guide treatment, therefore, understanding what is causing problems and/or identifying the right diagnoses can help you make life-changing improvements and get the treatment you or your child needs. 


Likewise, an incorrect or incomplete understanding of what's causing your concerns may lead to treatment that isn't helpful or is even harmful. Given that people are extremely complex and there is frequent symptom overlap in very different conditions, a comprehensive evaluation may be needed for clarification and guidance.

How much do evaluations cost?  Do you take insurance?


Please visit my fees section.

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