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Neuropsychological Evaluations


What is a neuropsychological evaluation?


A neuropsychological evaluation integrates information from a variety of sources to develop a "full picture" of a person, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and gain insight into what is interfering with their ability to achieve their potential. These evaluations yield recommendations that are individualized, clearly defined and accessible. 

When are neuropsychological evaluations recommended?​

  • There's a suspicion of ADHD or other neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • Track changes during or after interventions.

  • Understand why interventions have not been successful.

  • Evaluate the effects of medical conditions or treatments.

  • Understand how emotional difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, trauma) are affecting one's ability to learn and function.

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What are the components of a neuropsychological evaluation?

Intake paperwork: You will complete a detailed questionnaire to help prepare for our first meeting.

Clinical interview: The clinical interview lasts between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

As warranted, I will ask you about your, or your loved one's, social history, work, physical health, mental health, academic performance, family, and developmental history.

Record review: I will ask you to share relevant records before our first appointment. Such records may include results from previous evaluations, educational records, summaries of services and interventions, medical records, or records from other providers.

Collateral information: With your permission, I will speak to individuals who know you, or your child well. These individuals often include family members, mental health professionals, medical provider, or teachers.

Test administration: The testing session generally requires 5-15 hours, but this depends on assessment needs.  

School observation (children only): Depending on the referring question, I may need to observe how a child behaves in school and talk to their teachers. 


Testing: Helps understand someone's abilities at the time of the evaluation. These abilities may include intelligence, attention, memory, social skills, language, and academic skills. 

Feedback: The final appointment is the feedback session which lasts between 1 to 2 hours. It is an opportunity to sit down and discuss the test results and findings. I will provide recommendations and answer questions you may have. 

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Report: You will receive a comprehensive report that incorporates all the relevant information. The report will include testing results and explanations of the findings. I will provide you with individualized recommendations based on your concerns, resources, and unique profile of interests, strengths, and weaknesses.


How much do evaluations cost? Do you take insurance?

Please visit my fees section.

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