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Ana C DiRago PhD

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Professor

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Stanford School of Medicine



As a clinical psychologist with a specialization in diagnostic assessments—including psychological, neuropsychological, and educational evaluations—I serve children, adolescents, and adults with diverse needs.

In addition to my practice, I hold an Adjunct Professor appointment at the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences where I train and supervise forensic psychiatry fellows.

With over fifteen years of experience, I have conducted evaluations in a multitude of settings, including outpatient clinics, medical centers, VA hospitals, rehabilitation centers, partial hospitalization programs, jails, inpatient units, and research studies.


My expertise has been acknowledged in courts where I have been qualified as an expert witness in various assessment domains. In addition to my clinical and academic roles, I am a member of an advisory committee that provides expert guidance on the latest best practices in forensic psychological evaluations to the presiding Judge.

Prior to establishing my private practice, I served as the co-director of the Gronowski Center's Assessment Center and led multidisciplinary team evaluations at the Children's Health Council, focusing on children and adolescents with a spectrum of complex emotional, learning and behavioral issues.

I earned my doctorate at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, where I conducted research for the Minnesota Twin Family Study. My research focused on the interplay of genetics and environment on personality and mental health.


My practice is distinct in that I embrace a lifespan perspective on assessment, a philosophy shaped by my diverse clinical experiences and my research involvement with the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the world's longest-running longitudinal study. 

This lifespan perspective recognizes that development extends beyond childhood and pays equal attention to events occurring in adulthood. In my evaluations, I consider the significant changes that transpire at every stage of life, interpreting these changes within the context they occur. Such a comprehensive approach yields a deeper understanding of an individual's developmental trajectory.


I am grateful for my experiences working in various settings and in multidisciplinary teams. They have honed my ability to discern critical nuances that may be overlooked by those with a more limited scope of practice (e.g., role of medical illness, unique life events, rare conditions).

I am particularly attentive to the complex ways in which a client's multiple identities—such as gender, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status—interact and influence their life experiences.

Having immigrated to the U.S. as a preteen, I understand firsthand the challenges and richness of navigating multiple cultures. Fluent in Spanish, I am dedicated to serving a diverse clientele and enjoy working with individuals of all nationalities

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